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Earn undergraduate credits this summer through the Rhode Island School of Design while expanding your knowledge of multi-sensory based design. This course will challenge the way you think about your creative work and process. Open to all students and professionals.


Stir Copenhagen: Design, Culture + Your Senses
August 7–21, 2011

To stir means to provoke, to evoke strong feelings in, to rouse to activity.

Invigorate your design process in Copenhagen this summer and participate in an intensive, two-week, sensory-based design workshop. Immerse yourself in Danish design, history and culture from an insider’s perspective and discover how a passion for creating exceptional design is woven into the fabric that forms Denmark. Students in this course tour the studios of notable Danish designers and gain insight into their thought processes, visit historic architectural sites, tour museums, bike through the cobbled city streets as the natives do, and take day trips to scenic parts of the country.

Your point of view is found through your senses as you focus on taste, texture, smell, sight and sound as a means to connect with your surroundings. You are introduced to the topic of the senses and design through readings, discussions and exercises that yield innovative approaches to creative concepts. A sensory-based process guides you as you record the happenings of the city and the nuances of the culture. This process will help to expand your personal awareness as you begin to ‘sense’ through a new point of view, and as a visual communicator, will help to broaden and strengthen your design skills so that you may gain the tools necessary to invite full sensory participation into your own work. Each student creates a final process notebook, which serves as a tangible method of creating and can be used for a lifetime of generating work.


This course — led by Stephanie Grey (RISD, MFA GD’04), an award-winning Boston-based graphic designer who has lived, worked and taught design in Denmark — challenges your current methods of creating (and experiencing the world) and helps stir, invigorate and add value to your information, products and experiences.


A note about the cost: two items to pay attention to when deciding the value of this workshop are the opportunity to receive undergraduate credit (3 credit courses are typically $3000), and the list of included items in the tuition (see below for specifics). Copenhagen is an expensive city, however, most meals are already covered in the tuition, and outside of a minimal cost for art supplies, participants should not have to spend much more in addition to the tuition. I can put together a potential cost scenario for you if you wish.  SG

Tuition Includes
+ hotel accommodations (two weeks)
+ breakfast and lunch each day, three group dinners
+ ground transportation (including bike rental for most days, metro, trains)
+ entrance fees to Tivoli Gardens
+ guided tours of the Danish Design Centre and the
Danish Museum of Art and Design
+ a guided bike tour and Christiania tour
+ train travel and entrance fees to the Louisiana Art Museum
+ train travel to Odense and a Danish family dinner
+ design studio visits

Tuition does not include:
+ Airfare to and from Copenhagen. Students may wish to consider STA Travel (800 781-4040) for travel arrangements.
+ art supplies (estimated less than $50)

Additional Information
+ Undergraduate course credits: 3 (read details here)
+ Prerequisites: None
+ Deposit Deadline: June 1, 2011

When you register for the course, you will receive additional information and resources (what to bring, how you might prepare, suggested trips after the course is completed), and a link to a page where you can find out more about all the participants.

Contact and Registration
Email with any questions about the course. This course is being offered through the Rhode Island School of Design, Summer Study Abroad Program. For more information and the details of registration, please visit the RISD website.

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