Stir (evoking sensory awareness), was first created as the Graphic Design Graduate Thesis by Stephanie Grey at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. Ms. Grey, a graphic designer and design educator in the Boston area, now teaches the Stir workshops at several schools in the USA as well as abroad.

Stir Center departs from this point of view:

We experience the world first through our physical body and our senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch* work together to allow us to perceive and make sense of our surroundings. Sensation informs our reality. Only when the physiological systems of our body are stimulated are we able to participate fully in human experiences.

In the field of graphic design, sight dominates our visual perceptual fields. Much of the work produced by graphic designers relies mainly on visual images and written words to communicate, with little consideration for the senses other than sight. The design challenges of today’s technology-driven world require that graphic designers think about design, and people, in new and different ways. This goes beyond vision and reading.

By broadening our scope to consider how all the senses play a role in the graphic design experience, we begin to bridge a gap that is being created by an increased removal from physical sensation. And we strengthen our abilities as communicators and our focus on the design of human experiences.

*and many more…

This site has been developed as a means to:

+ build a community of those with an interest in sensory-based design
+ provide a forum for discussion and a resource base of information
+ continually educate those who have participated in the workshops

For more information, please send an email to Stephanie Grey at steph [at] sgreydesign [dot] com