type + hair = Hirsutura

This deliciously hairy lettering system called ‘Hirsutura’ was created by designer Craig Ward. Craig’s website, Words are Pictures, profiles his typographic play. Ideas often come from the details of life (and when least expected). Ward explains, “I was having my hair cut when inspiration struck: a lock of hair fell to the floor in an almost perfect O. I asked for a bag of hair from the floor (grim, I know) which I took back to the office and threw on the scanner until I started finding shapes that I could use in addition to letters.”

Brilliant. The result was Hirsutura – from ‘Hirsute’ meaning hairy, and Futura; the font Craig used as a base. Hirsutura was created as a Photofont for Fontlab Inc., who had created a new piece of software that allows you to create photorealistic fonts. The same project also inspired Blossomwell and informed the cover Craig created for Angel’s Psalms (below).


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