fukasawa’s ‘juice skin’

Naoto Fukasawa creates ‘Juice Skin’ and engages our full sensory perceptions at first glance. Fukasawa, one of the best known Japanese product designers, gets right to the heart of the message. Banana. Kiwi. Strawberry. The package he creates is the essence of the fruit itself, yet he still manages to twist our expectations. Subtle markings on the skin of the banana juice and the angles of the packaging evoke the sensation of holding an actual banana. Naoto Fukasawa brings fruit, and packaging to life.


photos from Designing Design, Kenya Hara

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  • This image brings up interesting questions about the nature of skin and packaging. Where/when does something that wraps, merge with the essence of the contents itself? An broad example: food skins and animal skins have very different associations with how they related to “what is inside.”

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